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Steven Sumner

Steven Sumner

Range Supervisor at the Knob Creek Gun Range
Kenny’s brother, Chad’s uncle, father to Stephanie and Payton

Steven is the charming and carefree, self-proclaimed oddball of the Sumner family. Sporting his trademark Mohawk, he’s a true sight to behold. He’s also funny, smart and a complete original: a down-to-earth family man with the free spirit of a child. Letting his brother, Kenny, work the nuts, bolts and numbers of the family gun range, Steven is often able to shape his own schedule. With that time, he might be off dealing with his kids or neighbors; or he might be out drumming-up new business for the range. But more often than not, he’s getting creative for range customers who want a shooting experience beyond paper targets. Steven is both the “soul” and the “working grunt” at one of the most famous shooting ranges in the world. His thoughts on that mixed honor: a slight shrug.

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