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Ronnie Strickland

Ronnie Strickland

Before coming to work for Mossy Oak as the company's Public Relations Director back in 1990, Ronnie "Cuz" Strickland had already piled up a decade of outdoor business experience, including time as a wildlife videographer. Today as Senior Vice President of Media Services, Cuz's expanded department produces North America's highest-rated, traditional outdoors television show, Mossy Oak’s Hunting the County. Additionally, Cuz and his team produce an annual collection of highly anticipated DVD releases including the MegaBucksWhistling Wingsand Extreme Spring lines.

Cuz still maintains a hands-on, through-the-viewfinder approach to outdoor television production, spending more than 100 days afield each year. Still, even with his busy schedule, Cuz has written two books, "The Truth About Spring Turkey Hunting According to Cuz" and "The Whole Truth About Spring Turkey Hunting According to Cuz." Originally from Natchez, Miss., Cuz and his wife, Pam live in West Point, Miss. They have two daughters, Amy and Lauran.