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  • Jim Shockey

    Jim Shockey

    Host of "Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures" and "Jim Shockey's Uncharted" on the Outdoor Channel, Jim Shockey has been an award-winning outdoor writer, wildlife photographer/videographer, wilderness guide and outfitter for nearly 30 years.

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  • Joe Thomas

    Joe Thomas

    Joe Thomas is a widely respected veteran of outdoor media with over 20 plus years of on air experience, Joe brings an honest and genuine approach to everything he does and his work ethic is unquestioned.

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  • Lee & Tiffany Lakosky

    Lee & Tiffany Lakosky

    A love for the land. A love for the hunt. And a love for each other. "Crush with Lee & Tiffany" brings you inside the Lakosky's home, travels and hearts for a fun journey behind the guts and glory of the outdoor industry.

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  • Michael Bane

    Michael Bane

    Michael Bane defies stereotypes. He has leveraged a career as a journalist, author, professional adventurer and acknowledged expert on firearms into some of the most innovative — and successful — shooting sports programming in the world.

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  • Michael Waddell

    Michael Waddell

    Host of "Bone Collector" and "Realtree Road Trips with Michael Waddell" on Outdoor Channel. If only one person could be chosen as the face of the modern hunting industry, that person would likely be Michael Waddell.

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  • Ted Nugent

    Ted Nugent

    Ted Nugent has carved a permanent place in rock & roll history as the ultimate guitar-shredding showman, selling more than 40 million albums, performing over 6,500 high-octane live shows, and continuing to set attendance records at venues around the globe.

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  • Tom Miranda

    Tom Miranda

    From dangerous African Safaris ... to mountain sheep camps ... wilderness rivers and desolate tundra ... "Territories Wild" is big game bowhunting at it's best.

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  • Willie Robertson

    Willie Robertson

    Family man Willie Robertson is president of his family business Duck Commander, while currently hosting his own show "Buck Commander" and provides comic relief on "Duck Dynasty." Willie Robertson has been in and around hunting all his life.

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  • Outdoor Channel Personalities

  • Abner Druckenmiller

    Abner Druckenmiller

    Abner Druckenmiller is a highly enthusiastic hunter and marketing manager for FOXPRO Inc. He represents the new generation of hunters, which you can see as he co-hosts "FOXPRO Furtakers" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Adam LaRoche

    Adam LaRoche

    Adam LaRoche is a Major League Baseball first baseman. When Adam isn't tossing the baseball around, he is usually preparing for the next hunting season with his bow and arrow. Also, in his off-seasons you can catch Adam co-hosting "Buck Commander".

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  • AJ Lester

    AJ Lester

    At age eleven, AJ began his career as a snowcross racer and continued professionally for eleven years becoming a Canadian Champion.

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  • Al Lindner

    Al Lindner

    Co-host of "Lindner's Fishing Edge" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Al Morris

    Al Morris

    A top predator hunter, Al Morris is a World Coyote & Elk Calling Champion with a tremendous breadth of knowledge on the sport, and currently a co-host of "FOXPRO Furtakers" via Outdoor Channel.

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  • Allen Treadwell

    Allen Treadwell

    Allen Treadwell is a decorated award-winning Sportsman who currently co-hosts a slew of shows on Outdoor Channel including, "Bass Pro Shops King Of Bucks", "Winchester Legends", "Bass Pro Shops 100% Real Hunting" and "Winchester Rack Masters".

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  • Aly Akers

    Aly has served as the feature reporter for "Major League Fishing" for two years, covering everything from live looks at the Launch each day to her special segments, "Inside Access", which give fans a behind-the-curtain look at the anglers and events not shown on TV.

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  • Amy Ewing

    Amy Ewing

    Amy Ewing is the “outerior” designer for "Alaska's Wild Gourmet's" catering business.

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  • Andrew Branca

    Andrew Branca

    Andrew Branca is the expert on American self-defense law after 30 years of defending the Second Ammendment.

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  • Andy Morgan

    Andy Morgan

    Andy Morgan has been dominating as a FLW Tour Pro for 16 years. This Tennessee native and FLW Champion thrives on competition so when you mix a bit of rivalry with his favorite past-time, hunting, it's game on.

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  • Ariel Tweto

    Ariel Tweto

    Ariel grew up in Unalakleet, following in the footsteps of her hard working parents. She was known around town for being a fierce competitor on her high school's co-ed wrestling team!

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  • Austin Brockie

    Austin Brockie

    At age 20, Austin will be the youngest crewmember on board the Saga.

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  • Axel Hillstrand

    Axel Hillstrand

    This is Axel's fifth year on the Time Bandit, and his responsibilities are growing.

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  • Ayla Tweto

    Ayla Tweto

    Ayla was born and raised in Unalakleet. In high school she was the powerhouse of the Unalakleet athletics department, competing in cheerleading, volleyball and cross-country.

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  • Ben Haug

    Ben Haug

    Former Marine, Ben has flown all of the world and now calls Kodiak home. He's been a pilot for six years and has flown for Island Air for two.

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  • Benjamin Pedersen

    Benjamin Pedersen

    Ben was born in 1986 in Fort Collins, Colorado and moved to Alaska in the 90's. He has been flying for over 10 years and was a licensed pilot before graduating high school in the village of Galena, Alaska.

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  • Bill Gorman

    Bill Gorman

    Bill Gorman, great-grandson of legendary outdoorsman and pioneering outdoor retailer Leon Leonwood Bean, serves as Hunting & Fishing Product & Media Advisor at the legendary retail chain's headquarters in Freeport, Maine.

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  • Bill Jordan

    Bill Jordan

    Family man and outdoorsman, Bill Jordan created his versatile & innovated camouflage company Realtree decades ago to much praise and currently is host of "Realtree's NASCAR Outdoors on Outdoor Channel."

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  • Bill Klyn

    Having spent 32 years in the fishing business, Bill Klyn is a champion of protecting and preserving these wonderful game species for the future. While he resides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming his true passion has always been fly fishing in saltwater.

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  • Bill Monte

    Bill Monte

    “I started fishing in 1978,” Monte recalls. “My father did fish, but it was just recreational. What got me into giant tuna fishing was seeing one for the first time.

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  • Bill Sherck

    Bill Sherck

    Bill Sherck is a five-time Emmy Award-winning outdoor reporter and show host "The Flush" on Outdoor Channel. Sherck enjoys sharing his stories with conservation groups, teaching through fishing and hunting seminars and also guides for various charity and celebrity tournaments.

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  • Billy Parker

    Billy Parker

    Billy Parker grew up in Denver, N.C., as the son of an avid outdoorsman.

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  • Blair Denman

    Blair Denman

    Denman, who has lived in the Gloucester area since childhood, has been a longtime fisherman. He got his first taste of bluefin fishing when he worked for Bill Monte as a deckhand in the late 1980s.

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  • Bob Foulkrod

    Bob Foulkrod

    Bob Foulkrod is a chief instructor at Bob Foulkrod/Golden Eagle Bowhunting School in his hometown of Troy, PA. A man of many seasons, Foulkrod is a consummate professional who eats, lives and breathes the sport of hunting!

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  • Bob Richardson

    Bob Richardson

    Bob Richardson has spent 35 years loving boats and as such has become an avid bass fishermen & tournament participant; as an outdoor enthusiast he produces & co-hosts Outdoors In "The Heartland" and "ScentBlocker's Most Wanted" airing on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Bob Stanford

    Bob Stanford

    Pilot and owner of Island Air, Bob has been running charters to Kodiak's remote locations for over 30 years and has completed over 40,000 flights.

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  • Brad Farris

    Brad Farris

    Brad Farris has lived a hunter's dream, making a career out of the sport he's loved since childhood. Growing up in Mississippi, Brad could always be found hunting whatever was in season and fishing during the long summer months.

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  • Bradley Ewing

    Bradley Ewing

    Bradley Ewing is a classically trained head chef for "Alaska's Wild Gourmet's" catering business.

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  • Brandon Bates

    Brandon Bates

    Brandon Bates' hunting style involves more humor in most situations than seriousness.

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  • Branlin Shockey

    Branlin Shockey

    Branlin Shockey produces, writes, & directs "Jim Shockey's The Professionals" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Brian Wojo

    Brian Wojo

    Brian Wojo guides year-round in Saskatchewan, Vancouver Island and the Yukon. It is said no one can escape Wojo's judgment as he has eyes in all directions. You can witness Wojo's keen insight as co-host of "Jim Shockey's The Professionals" only on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Bruce Horrell

    Bruce Horrell

    Co-host and waterfowl specialist Bruce Horrell is celebrating over six decades of hunting by doing something he has never done; hunting over a "started dog" trained until a year old.

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  • Captain Andy Hillstrand

    Captain Andy Hillstrand

    Captain Andy touts himself as the more reasonable of the two Hillstrand skippers, and this may very well be true.

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  • Captain Keith Colburn

    Captain Keith Colburn

    Last year, Keith's health deteriorated and his marriage ended, causing his personal demons to take over.

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  • Captain Jake Anderson

    Captain Jake Anderson

    The past couple of years have heralded a lot of change for Jake. He welcomed his first son, Aiden, into the world and he finally achieved his dream of captaining a boat. These milestones were a welcome change for the recovering addict who has faced many trials over the course of his life.

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  • Captain Johnathan Hillstrand

    Captain Johnathan Hillstrand

    Johnathan may wear the raspy exterior of a veteran crabbing captain, but he is truly a child at heart.

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  • Captain Sean Dwyer

    Captain Sean Dwyer

    At 24 years old, Sean Dwyer of the Brenna A is the youngest captain in the fleet. Sean has been a commercial fisherman since he was a kid, shadowing his dad, Pat, and absorbing everything he could.

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  • Captain Sig Hansen

    Captain Sig Hansen

    One of the most irrepressible captains ever to tackle the Bering Sea, Sig ventured into Season 12 with his trademark gusto, swagger, and veteran savvy.

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  • Captain "Wild" Bill Wichrowski

    Captain "Wild" Bill Wichrowski

    Once notorious amongst the fleet for being a rugged maverick, Wild Bill's age continues to show in his softened demeanor (as well as his silvering mane).

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  • Carter Andrews

    Carter Andrews

    Growing up in Tennessee farm country, Carter spent countless hours on the local ponds, and fast became a dangerous quantity with a spinning rig and bait-caster. With dreams of becoming a tournament bass angler fixed in his mind, he would likely be on the bass circuit today had a fellow angler not one day put a fly rod in his hand.

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  • Casey Keefer

    Casey Keefer

    Husband. Father. Thrill Seeker. Hunter. Casey Keefer can't unscramble a Rubik's Cube ... but man does he enjoy a good craft beer. He can't tell you how to #BeAlive ... but he can show you his version.

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  • Chad Belding

    Chad Belding

    Pro-staffer, champion caller and host of "The Fowl Life with Chad Belding" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Chad Ritter

    Chad Ritter

    Chad grew up in a small town in Southwest, Louisiana, where he began hunting small game with his dad. His family moved to middle Tennessee when he was a teenager, and quickly his opportunities grew from small-game to big-game hunting).

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  • Chad Sumner

    Handsome, young and filled with gun knowledge, Chad is addicted to shooting – and of course, like all Sumners, he's darn good at it. A cross between his down-to-Earth father, Kenny, and his unpredictable uncle, Steven, Chad is also a devoted husband and father.

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  • Charlie Ingram

    Charlie Ingram

    With over 40 years' experience as a professional angler, Charlie Ingram is a fixture in every bass tournament trail in America.

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  • Chris Dorsey

    Chris Dorsey

    Chris Dorsey is founding Partner of Orion Entertainment, an avid writer and program creator. Chris is a master at creating branded entertainment that highlights the passions and concerns of American sportsmen and women.

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  • Chris Keefer

    Chris Keefer

    Family man. Gym nut. Big brother. Hunter. When Chris Keefer is not chasing big game in Alaska, he is enjoying round of golf back home in Michigan.

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  • Chris Lane

    Chris Lane

    Chris Lane is a 7-time B.A.S.S. winner.

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  • Chris Ward

    Chris Ward

    Chris Ward has been an avid outdoorsman since his youth and grew up hunting with his Dad and Grandfather. Chris started filming professionally in the outdoors in 2004.

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  • Clark Pederson

    Clark Pederson

    A graduate of Washington State University as well as the California Maritime Academy, Clark has his Third Mate Unlimited License and now looks to complement his education with real-world experience.

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  • Cody Robbins

    Cody Robbins

    Experienced cameraman-editor, turned host, Cody Robbins now runs his own show, the award winning "Live2Hunt with Cody & Kelsy" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Colby Donaldson

    Colby Donaldson

    Actor, adventurer, and outdoorsman Colby Donaldson is the host of "Top Shot".

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  • Corey Knowlton

    Corey Knowlton

    Corey Knowlton is an expert in setting hunts within remote territories of the world, spending over 100 days a year searching for the next big thing. Corey provides expertise and logistical support for Team Shockey, which you can witness on "Jim Shockey's The Professionals".

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  • Craig DeMartino

    Craig DeMartino

    Craig DeMartino's love of climbing began 22 years ago when he learned to climb at a friend's unconventional bachelor party in Pennsylvania.

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  • Craig Leake

    Craig Leake

    An old-school fisherman, Craig started crabbing in 1980, but stopped several years later due to the brutal conditions of the job.

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  • Craig Morgan

    Craig Morgan

    There is no one like him. Craig Morgan's resume is one of the most varied and impressive on earth – TV host, outdoorsman, soldier, sheriff's deputy, EMT, adventurer, motocross racer, farmer, family man and country music star.

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  • Curtis Fleming

    Curtis Fleming

    Daydreaming of being an outdoorsman at an early age, Curtis Fleming's father helped push and train him into one, and eventually left his day job to pursue the art of fly fishing.

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  • Dan Adler

    Dan Adler

    Dan Adler is the owner of Diamond Outfitters of Arizona and a Veteran United States Air Force Captain. Dan is also a professional speaker and public figure in the hunting industry and on the topic of the Second Amendment.

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  • Dan Goodenow

    Dan Goodenow

    Dan Goodenow spends the majority of the year traveling and searching for the newest and best hunting territories to represent with the Jim Shockey brand, all of which you can watch on "Jim Shockey's The Professionals" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Big Game Expert Dan Harrison

    Dan Harrison

    Dan Harrison is a veteran guide and outdoorsman and native Coloradan. Dan is also an expert tracker for trophy mule deer, elk and bear, having helped score numerous hunters into the record books over his 20+ year career.

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  • Dave Bogart

    Dave Bogart

    Dave Bogart started hunting years ago when he was twelve years old and from that point on Dave was hooked and at age 20 he harvested his first P & Y buck.

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  • Dave Carraro

    Dave Carraro

    Carraro, a northern New Jersey native who grew up fishing in the waters near home, but moved to Gloucester 12 years ago when the bluefin population around New Jersey began to wane.

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  • Dave Felton

    Dave Felton

    Dave and Jake have been friends for the past 10 years, and while he's a master sandblaster, steel worker, and welder, Dave has never worked on a crab boat or been in rough seas before.

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  • Dave Marciano

    Dave Marciano

    Marciano is a tall, elegant looking man with a gleaming shaved head and an arty goatee, who looks as if he might be a jazz trumpeter or a cutting-edge New York painter instead of a 30-year veteran of bluefin fishing.

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  • Dave Petzal

    Dave Petzal

    A worldwide hunter & rifle field editor for "Field & Stream." Dave Petzal hosts "Field & Stream's The Gun Nuts" with Phil Boujaily on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Dave Poteat

    Dave Poteat

    Senior producer, co-host and account executive Dave Poteat pursues his childhood dream job - a passion for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors - through his show "Inside Outdoors TV" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Dave Watson

    Dave Watson

    Dave Watson is a veteran TV producer with over 15 years on national TV and is the host of "The Journey".

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  • David Blanton

    David Blanton

    Family man David Blanton has been an integral part of Realtree's video efforts since he started in 1991 and executive produces two shows: "Realtree Outdoors" & "Bill Jordan's Realtree Monster Bucks."

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  • David Hale

    David Hale

    David Hale's popular hunting program "Ultimate Hunting" on Outdoor Channel. Knight & Hale Ultimate Hunting Team member David Hale is one-half of the team that changed the hunting industry ...

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  • David Holder

    David Holder

    David is the founder of "Raised Hunting" and (as if you couldn't tell) he absolutely loves to bow hunt.

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  • David Morris

    David Morris

    David Morris grew up hunting and fishing in South Alabama. His love for the outdoors led him to get a master's degree in biology from Auburn University.

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  • David Sparks

    David Sparks

    David Sparks has spent the past 30-years being involved as host and producer of various sporting events, game shows and outdoor programming. Currently, you can watch David co-host "Outfitters Showcase" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Davy Hite

    David Hite is a 2-Time B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year.

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  • Dean Capuano

    Dean Capuano

    Dean Capuano has, over the past decade, literally hunted the world. Although whitetails are his passion, he has chased all different types of game and has hunted on five continents.

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  • Dean Gribble

    Dean Gribble

    Dean met Jake when he first started fishing on the NW, and lives down the street from both Jake and Edgar.

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  • Derek


    What would happen if a man - a clumsy, apprehensive, suburban man was suddenly thrust into some of the most intense outdoor adventures imaginable?

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  • Don & Kandi Kisky

    Don & Kandi Kisky

    Respected record-book hosts of "Whitetail Freaks" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Donna Monte

    Donna Monte

    Donna Monte, who worked for nearly four decades in customer service for an adhesive manufacturer, was introduced to fishing in 1978 by her future husband Bill.

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  • Waterfowl Expert Doug Larsen

    Doug Larsen

    Doug Larsen has been duck hunting for 40 seasons. He first found work during his high school and college years as a waterfowl guide. He then progressed to becoming a shooting and fishing guide in both Alaska and Argentina.

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  • Doug Stewart

    Doug Stewart

    Doug obtained his pilot's license in Seattle during his senior year of high school. After a brief stint as an actor on "All My Children," he arrived in Nome and was immediately given the nickname "Hollywood" by the other pilots.

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  • Easton Holder

    Easton Holder

    Easton Holder is the youngest member of "Raised Hunting". With a few deer and turkeys under his belt, he's ready to start looking for something even bigger.

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  • Eddie Nickens

    Eddie Nickens

    Eddie Nickens has been an independent journalist for 20 years, publishing more than 800 bylined articles that range from Smithsonian to National Geographic Adventure to Men's Journal.

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  • Eddie "Eddie SR." Uwekoolani JR

    Eddie "Eddie SR." Uwekoolani JR

    A long-time friend and schoolmate of all the Hillstrands, Eddie has been crabbing for over 20 years.

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  • Eddie "Eddie JR." Uwekoolani III

    Eddie "Eddie JR." Uwekoolani III

    Eddie Jr. joined the Time Bandit as a greenhorn in the 2011 opilio season after spending two summers salmon tendering on the boat with his dad.

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  • Edgar Hansen

    Edgar Hansen

    When Edgar first came on the boat in the 80s, Sig described him as a “flunky” and not very dependable.

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  • Edwin Evers

    Edwin Evers

    Edwin Evers is a family man and considered a versatile professional fisherman, with many sponsors and wins under his belt.

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  • Eli Martinez

    Eli Martinez

    Born and raised in South Texas, Eli Martinez has become a formidable entity in the shark diving community, pushing and changing what is known about sharks and the way sharks are seen.

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  • Eric Rhodes

    Eric Rhodes

    Eric Rhodes is a Nashville-based musician, television producer and avid fisherman and has traveled extensively as a touring musician and international Christian speaker. From time to time you can catch Eric's exemplary personality on "All Star Cast" only on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Erik Howard

    Erik Howard

    Growing up in Washington State, Erik originally became interested in flying in high school and he's been hooked ever since. It's been his dream to fly in Alaska and has been with Island Air for six years.

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  • Erik Snuggerud

    Erik Snuggerud

    As a young boy in Oregon Erik would watch the planes overhead and dream of flying to far away places. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the army to pursue that dream. It set him on a course that eventually had him flying in the bush of Alaska at age 26.

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  • Eva Shockey

    Eva Shockey

    Eva Shockey co-host of "Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures" on Outdoor Channel and spends 250 days a year traveling the world representing the network.

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  • Ferno Tweto

    Ferno Tweto

    Born in August of 1961 and raised in Unalakleet, Ferno is part Russian and part Inupiaq Eskimo. An athlete, Ferno competed in cross-country in high school and has continued to run almost every day since then.

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  • Field Hudnall

    Field Hudnall

    Field Hudnall has gone on to win multiple national and world calling titles, eventually becoming "Ducks Unlimited" newest ambassador for wetland conservation. Field currently co-hosts "Ducks Unlimited TV" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Fish Fishburne

    Fish Fishburne

    Fishburne brings a new and different look to sport fishing viewers through his ability to combine entertainment and education. This "edutainment" style brings a much needed breath of fresh air to the fishing public.

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  • Flip Pallot

    Flip Pallot

    Flip Pallot is an in-demand fishing guide and guru in the Florida Keys and Everglades. As a best selling author and TV star, Flip now hosts "Ford's Fishing Frontiers" on Outdoor Channel where he shows off his expertise.

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  • Freddy Maugatai

    Freddy Maugatai

    First one on deck, last one to leave, this Samoan stud's work ethic is exactly what a captain would want in a deckhand.

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  • Gary Soper

    Gary Soper

    If there is one person Keith can rely on to keep his crew on point, it is longtime first mate and deck boss Gary Soper.

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  • Dr. Gary Schwarz

    Dr. Gary Schwarz

    Gary Schwarz, host of "The Bucks Of Tecomate" and "Tecomate Whitetail Nation" on Outdoor Channel. Gary and his partners placed the first Conservation Easement ever done in Texas on the initial property in 1986.

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  • Gerald McRaney

    Gerald McRaney

    Gerald McRaney is a veteran television actor who also dabbled in directing. He's also an expert camper, hunter and fisherman and currently co-hosts "Ram Outdoorsman" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Gerald Swindle

    Gerald Swindle

    Seen on "Moultrie's The Hit List" on Outdoor Channel. His birth certificate reads Gerald Swindle, on his tournament shirt it's “G-Man,” but to his friends and daughter, Whitney, it's just “G.”

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  • Gran-Pa Biff Sumner, Jr.

    One of Kentucky's Grand Old Men when it comes to rifles, pistols and machine guns, Gran-pa stands tall in the region, even though every person around him is a few feet higher.

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  • Greg Miller

    Greg Miller

    Throughout his first 10 years of trophy hunting, Miller spent the majority of time chasing giant whitetails in the big woods of Northern Wisconsin.

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  • Greg Zipadelli

    Greg Zipadelli

    Zipadelli is excited share his love of hunting as a means to educate and entertain viewers and teach kids about the outdoors on "Greg Zipadelli's Drop Zone" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Gregg Ritz

    Gregg Ritz

    An Olympic level shooter, industry leader in outdoor manufacturing, media & marketing, Gregg Ritz combines his passion for adventure hunting, the whitetail woods, family, fitness and God into all that he pursues.

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  • Guy Eastman

    Guy Eastman

    Co-host of "Eastmans' Hunting TV" on Outdoor Channel. Guy has been hunting and filming western trophy big game for over 25-years — skills.

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  • Hal Shaffer

    Hal Shaffer

    Shaffer pursues whitetail, elk, mule deer waterfowl, turkey and other game with equal passion on his show "Greg Zipadelli's Drop Zone" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Hank Parker, Sr.

    Hank Parker, Sr.

    Bryant Gumbel, former host of CBS Morning Show, best described Hank Parker when introducing him as, "The rod-and-reel answer to Michael Jordan in popularity and talent."

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  • Hank Parker, Jr.

    Hank Parker, Jr.

    Growing up as the son of an outdoor celebrity, Hank Parker Jr. has shared his father's passion of the outdoors from childhood.

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  • Hannes M. Huswick

    Hannes M. Huswick

    Fellow Norwegian Hannes came on last opies and quickly became a dependable part of the SG crew.

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  • Harold Knight

    Harold Knight

    Harold Knight's popular hunting program "Ultimate Hunting" on Outdoor Channel. Knight & Hale Ultimate Hunting Team member Harold Knight is one of the most well-known hunters in the industry.

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  • Huey Lewis

    As the frontman of Huey Lewis and the News, singer and songwriter Huey Lewis has 19 top-10 singles to his credit and has sold over 30-million records. These days, Lewis prefers to brag about his freshwater and saltwater fishing exploits.

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  • Hunter Cooper

    Hunter Cooper

    Hunter has fished his entire life, primarily on his family's salmon boats.

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  • Ike Eastman

    Ike Eastman

    Co-host of "Eastmans' Hunting TV" on Outdoor Channel. Ike is the president of Eastmans' Publishing and oversees the daily operations of "Eastmans' Hunting TV."

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  • Ish Monroe

    Ish is always fishing and likes to fish for anything. Carp, bluegill, crappie – as long as he's fishing, he's happy!

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  • Ivan Carter

    Ivan Carter

    Native son of Zimbabwe, Ivan Carter stands alone as the one man who can peel back the complex layers of African human/wildlife conflict, including rampant poaching of elephants and rhinos.

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  • Ivey Gruber

    Ivey Gruber grew up in sunny Florida in a shooting family that also focused on the pursuit of trophy gamefish. Ivey wasn't able to explore her real desire to hunt big game until she joined Steve on his adventures into the wild.

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  • Jackie Bushman

    Jackie Bushman

    A life-long deer hunter, Jackie Bushman saw the opportunity to connect hunters from all over the country, sharing tips techniques and a variety of other resources that would ensure the preservation and promotion of America's time-honored tradition.

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  • Jacob "JJ" James

    Jacob "JJ" James

    JJ came to the Wizard with no commercial fishing experience, through a recommendation by former DC deckhand Mike Fourtner.

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  • Jake Miller

    Jake Miller

    North American traveler and hunter, Jake takes on wild mature whitetail. In case one hasn't noticed, hunting is a major part of Jake Miller's life.

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  • James Brion

    James Brion

    James's lifetime in the outdoors has given him the experience and desire to build top shelf outdoor productions.

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  • James Lindner

    James Lindner

    James Lindner is in the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, an avid fisherman and top grade tournament fisherman in his own right. He currently helms Lindner Media Productions and is co-host of "Lindner's Fishing Edge".

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  • James Tommy

    James Tommy

    Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, James Tommy is a fishing veteran whose experience mostly resides in the cod long-lining and crab fisheries.

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  • Jared Cummings

    Jared Cummings

    Jared was born into the off-airport world of aviation. At the age of 18, his father, Jim Cummings, started an air-taxi service out of Delta Junction that continues to operate to this day.

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  • Jared Jeffries

    Jared Jeffries

    Jared's first catch with his father at the age of four that he remembers most about his childhood. It was at that moment that Jared was hooked.

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  • Jase Robertson

    Jase Robertson

    Growing up with "The Duck Commander" as his father, Jase quickly realized that if he wanted to spend time with his dad, he'd have to meet Phil in the duck blind.

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  • Jason Carter

    Jason Carter

    Up for any challenge, Jason Carter is one of the most knowledge big game hunters in the industry and currently hosts "Under Armour Presents Ridge Reaper" on Outdoor Channel.

    Read More
  • Jason Muenzner

    Jason Muenzner

    “I started going out for Bluefin when I was 21. I haven't been in the game long, but I can't imagine doing anything else,” explains Muenzner.

    Read More
  • Jason Jenks

    Jason Jenks

    Jason Jenks (who goes by “Jenks” since he grew up in a town of seven Jasons) is another recruit from the Jennifer A.

    Read More
  • Jay Gregory

    Jay Gregory

    On "PSE's Wild Outdoors," Jay Gregory bowhunts everything - and he loves it! He has traveled across the country hunting species from caribou to sandhill cranes with his bow, but his obsession is for Midwest wild whitetails.

    Read More
  • Jeff Riedemann

    Jeff Riedemann

    Hailing from Cambridge, MN, Jeff Riedemann is an outdoorsman at heart.

    Read More
  • Jeff Ritter

    Jeff Ritter

    The Market Man - Originally from Waterloo, Iowa, Jeff Ritter fell in love with the “River Rat” life.

    Read More
  • Jep Robertson

    Jep Robertson

    The youngest son of Phil and Kay, Jules Jeptha "Jep" Robertson, grew up in the duck blind. He is the cameraman and editor for Duck Commander, utilizing years of experience to capture excellent footage for the company's "Duckmen" DVD series.

    Read More
  • Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy Smith

    Co-host of "Lindner's Fishing Edge" on Outdoor Channel.

    Read More
  • Jerry Martin

    Jerry Martin

    Inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame, Jerry Martin has had a long career as an all-around outdoorsman, pioneering accomplishments of ethical hunting, combining a lifetime of expertise that culminates as host of "Bass Pro Shops King Of Bucks."

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  • Jerry Miculek

    Jerry Miculek

    Arguably history's greatest shooter; enormously likable, charismatic, eclectic… and we use the term loosely. After all, Jerry is someone who describes his favorite smell as “fresh tires” and counts the almonds in candy bars to ensure he's getting his money's worth.

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  • Jessica Robertson

    Jessica Robertson

    As a child, Jessica grew up hunting on the weekends with her father in the woods of Louisiana and naturally, she fit right in with the Robertsons.

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  • Jessie Duff

    Jessie Duff

    Appears on many shows devoted to shooting tips and adventures on Outdoor Channel. Jessie was introduced to pistol shooting at a young age by her father.

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  • Jim Belushi

    Jim Belushi is an actor, comedian, singer, and musician - though he prefers the title 'entertainer'. As an extremely prolific actor, Belushi has starred in several movies and television series, including the long running sitcom According to Jim.

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  • Jim Burnworth

    Jim Burnworth

    Jim uses his love of the great outdoors to introduce and teach others about hunting and fishing on Outdoor Channel. He has hunted and fished his entire life.

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  • Jim Scoutten

    Jim Scoutten

    When it comes to covering the shooting sports industry, Jim Scoutten is known as one of the leading experts due to his journalistic integrity and his passion for quality outdoor programming.

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  • Jim Sessions

    Jim Sessions

    Jim was born and raised in Wyoming. He has hunted extensively in most western states, Canada, and Alaska. His filming, hunting, and shooting skills remain great assets to both BOTW and Huskemaw Optics.

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  • Jim Supica

    Jim Supica

    Jim Supica is Director of the NRA Museum and currently co-hosts "NRA Museum" and "NRA Gun Gurus" which can both be found at

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  • Jim Tapp

    Jim Tapp

    Jim is the father of Linclon Tapp, and together have set off on a global adventure to hunt big game and inspire the love of outdoors in youth nationwide.

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  • Jim Tweto

    Jim Tweto

    Like many boys growing up in Minnesota, Jim's passion was hockey. So at the age of 18 the strapping young man from Minnesota moved to Alaska to play college hockey, but it was here that he discovered his love for flying.

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  • Jimmy Primos

    Jimmy Primos

    After graduating from Ole Miss, serving as a Marine Corps officer in Vietnam, and working as a business executive in New York, Jimmy Primos returned to his home state of Mississippi, joining his cousin Will to help him run "Primos Hunting."

    Read More
  • Joe Mantegna

    Joe Mantegna

    Host of "Gun Stories" on Outdoor Channel. Joe Mantegna is a veteran Hollywood star and shooting enthusiast.

    Read More
  • John Porter

    John Porter

    In 30 plus years of guiding and outfitting in Alaska and Wyoming he has personally guided over 700 trophy big game hunts.

    Read More
  • John Scoutten

    John Scoutten

    John utilizes his wide knowledge of firearms and the industry in his reporting, through testing new products and constantly improving his own shooting skills in matches across the country.

    Read More
  • John Wilson

    John Wilson

    John Wilson disregards new hunting technology for the very first rifle his father gave him: an open sighted, lever action, .30-30, which you can witness as he hosts "Trophy Quest" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Jon & Gina Brunson

    Jon & Gina Brunson

    With a little blood, a lot of sweat and quite a few prayers, they live their lives like you do, at full draw. Welcome to their addiction.

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  • Jordan Shipley

    Jordan Shipley

    Jordan is a former Texas Longhorn two time all-American wide receiver and third round draft choice of the Cincinnati Bengals. He's an avid hunter and tournament bass fisherman and enjoys nearly all outdoor pursuits with his wife, Sunny.

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  • Jose Wejebe

    Jose Wejebe

    Former host of "Spanish Fly" on Outdoor Channel.

    Read More
  • Josh Leininger

    Josh Leininger

    Josh is a field producer for "Trophy Hunters TV." Josh grew up loving the outdoors and oftentimes spending time with some of the best whitetail and elk guides in the country.

    Read More
  • Joshua Raglin

    Joshua Raglin

    Joshua Raglin, son of Roger Raglin, has partnered with his father to produce and co-host "Roger Raglin Outdoors" on Outdoor Channel where he takes pride in producing solid, wholesome, entertaining videos and TV shows that the entire family can enjoy.

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  • Karl Rasmussen

    Karl Rasmussen

    Karl is the grandson of one of the Northwestern's quota moguls, which is how he found his way on to the family fishing vessel.

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  • Karin Holder

    Karin Holder

    Karin Holder is a proud mother, a Christian and a hunter. She was "RAISED" hunting, but because she was a girl she wasn't ‘expected' to be a hunter.

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  • Kay Miculek

    Kay Miculek

    The undisputed ruler of "SHOOTOUT LANE" is Jerry's wife, Kay, daughter of legendary competitor, gunsmith and World War II hero Jim Clark Sr. She is the classic Southern Matriarch, steel magnolia to the core.

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  • Kay Robertson

    Kay Robertson

    Miss Kay is the revered matriarch of the family. What she says goes. She was 16 when she married Phil and since then she's been keeping him and the boys from spending too much time in the woods, bringing them back to civilization each night with a home-cooked meal.

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  • Keith Mark

    Keith Mark

    Keith has specialized in bow hunting for more than 33 years and is fast becoming one of the most recognized hunters in the sport today.

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  • Kenny Sumner

    Kenny is the official “boss” at KCR, even though Biff still calls many of the shots – and even though his son, Chad, and brother, Steven, often try to pull rank. Kenny is the quintessential “Good Cop” of the range; levelheaded, calm and smiling to all.

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  • Kevin Holtz

    Kevin Holtz

    When not lumberjack entertaining, Kevin Holtz is a science teacher in his hometown of Farmington, NY. He's a stage announcer, field reporter and co-host of the "STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Professional and Collegiate Series".

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  • Kevin VanDam

    Kevin VanDam

    Kevin VanDam is a "Major League Fishing" angler and a two-time Summit Cup winner.

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  • Kevin Leonowert

    Kevin Leonowert

    Leonowert is somewhat unusual among Gloucester's professional fishermen in that he does both rod-and-reel fishing and the more exacting, high-stakes method of harpooning.

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  • Kim Stricker

    Kim Stricker

    Kim Stricker is a 27 veteran of the Bassmaster and FLW Tours and host of "Hook N' Look".

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  • Kip Campbell

    Kip Campbell

    Kip grew up in the country near the banks of the James River in Central Virginia and spent his days bow hunting, fishing and playing sports at Fork Union Military Academy.

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  • Korie Robertson

    Korie Robertson

    Though not originally from a hunting family, Korie fit in with the Robertsons right away. As Willie's wife and business partner, she helped him grow the company into an ever-expanding enterprise.

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  • Kristy Titus

    Kristy Titus

    Kristy Titus is an Oregon native and lifelong hunter and angler. Kristy has become a Team Elk leader and mentor to women and children across the U.S. that aspire to hunt.

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  • Kyle E. Lamb

    Kyle E. Lamb

    Sergeant Major Kyle E. Lamb (retired), spent more than 21 years with the United States Army, Founder and President of Viking Tactics, Inc., and host of "Viking Chronicles."

    Read More
  • Laramy “Sasquatch” Miller

    Laramy “Sasquatch” Miller

    Laramy "Sasquatch" Miller, shows us what real hunting and living in the great wilderness truly is as host of "Sasquatch Mountain Man" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Larry Dahlberg

    Larry Dahlberg

    Larry Dahlberg is recognized throughout the sport fishing industry as an expert angler, authority on all types of fishing-related products, and television personality.

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  • Larry Woodward

    Larry Woodward

    Larry Woodward grew up guiding hunters and fishermen in Northeast Missouri. Larry's passion ranges from Smallmouth Bass fishing to Big Game hunting and he has always wanted to show the everyday outdoorsman where and how they too can fish.

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  • Larry Zanoff

    Larry Zanoff

    Larry Zanoff has been involved with firearms his entire life.

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  • Latt Durrance

    Latt Durrance

    Latt got his start in the outdoor world working as a first mate with Trophy Fishing Marlin Boats in the Caribbean. Since then Latt has guided hunts over a quarter of the western hemisphere.

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  • Laura Schara

    Laura Schara

    Laura Schara is unique to the outdoor television world as she combines her deep-rooted outdoor heritage with her years of fashion experience spent as fashion trend expert for Macy's. She can easily transition from talking fashion, home and lifestyle trends to exploring the great outdoors.

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  • Lauren Thomas

    Lauren grew up hunting in southern Illinois with miles and miles of the Shawnee National Forest at her doorstep.

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  • Lefty Kreh

    Legendary angler and former host of “Buccaneers & Bones” on Outdoor Channel.

    Read More
  • Lena Miculek

    Lena Miculek

    A twenty years old prodigy, a multiple champion shooter in her own right, crazy smart – and a smart aleck – and the Producer/Director/Creator/Ramrod of the Miculek's hugely successful YouTube Channel, “Shoot Fast.”

    Read More
  • Lincoln Tapp

    Lincoln Tapp

    Lincoln is a young teen with a big vision of becoming the youngest to harvest all 29 species of North American big game with a bow, and the host of "YoungWild".

    Read More
  • Logan Burditt

    Logan Burditt

    Logan is a fifth generation waterfowl hunter with roots originating from northeast Missouri.

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  • Lou Tuminaro

    Lou Tuminaro

    Lou Tuminaro, a native New Yorker turned Hamilton, Montana transplant, is the owner of The Custom Shop – a family-run firearms sales and restoration business. Tuminaro's dream was always to open the greatest gun shop in the west.

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  • Luke Lester

    Luke Lester

    Like his brother AJ, Luke has been strapped to some form of motorized vehicle since he was only two.

    Read More
  • Manny Puig

    Manny Puig

    Host of Outdoor Channel's "Savage Wild." Educator and expert spear-fisherman and primitive hunter.

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  • Mark Davis

    Mark Davis

    Host of "BigWater Adventures." Mark had his off-shore captain's license before most folks could legally drive.

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  • Mark Drury

    Mark Drury

    Mark holds six different world titles in his more than 150 wins. Co-host of "Bow Madness" on Outdoor Channel.

    Read More
  • Mark Keefe

    Mark Keefe

    Mark Keefe is an NRA Certified Instructor in various weapons and has written hundreds of bylined and non-bylined articles on virtually every facet of the shooting sports.

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  • Mark Randolph

    Mark Randolph

    Without the services of Referee Mark Randolph, "Ultimate Match Fishing" would be completely out of control. According to "THE REF," "My job is simple. I watch the anglers and wait until one makes a stupid mistake ...

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  • Mark Zona

    Mark Zona

    Co-host of "The Bassmasters." Zona's sharp, insightful analysis and encyclopedic knowledge of all things bass made him a natural choice as a personality on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Marty Stone

    Marty Stone

    North Carolinian Marty Stone provides years of expertise on "Major League Fishing" via Outdoor Channel. After twenty three years of fishing professionally Marty Stone has truly retired for good this time.

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  • Matt Bradley

    Matt Bradley

    Matt Bradley always vows never to return to crabbing on the Northwestern, but he usually does — usually to help supplement his e-cig vapor business.

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  • Matt Busbice

    Matt Busbice

    Matt's passion for God, the outdoors and fun now lead him on his next adventure in his career. Matt is still single and searching for love as he travels the world hunting for the next best outdoor experience and soulmate.

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  • Matt Drury

    Matt Drury

    From an early age he watched as his father, Terry, and Uncle Mark grew the company from the ground up. Appearing in several of the original videos as a kid he received a firsthand knowledge of what it took to produce a video.

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  • Melissa Bachman

    Melissa Bachman

    Melissa Bachman grew up in a small hard-working town where hunting was not only a passion, but livelihood. An avid duck and deer hunter, Melissa currently operates cameras, producers and hosts various shows.

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  • Michael Hunsucker

    Michael Hunsucker

    Michael Hunsucker scouts nearly every day in the summer, to shed hunting in the spring, keeping Mike in the field nearly every day of the year. For Mike hunting is a way of life. You can see his exploits on "Heartland Bowhunter" only on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Michael Janich

    Michael Janich

    Michael Janich has been an avid student and instructor of self-defense for more than 40 years. He has an extensive background in the Filipino martial arts, pencak silat, judo, aikido, boxing, Savate, and military combatives, and is a co-host of "The Best Defense".

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  • Mike and Bonnie McFerrin

    Mike & Bonnie McFerrin

    Raised in the great state of Texas, Bonnie and Mike married in 1994 and while she knew about his love of the outdoors, she never intended to hunt for herself.

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  • Mike Dillon

    Mike Dillon

    Mike Dillon is an avid hunter, brings a fresh perspective on predator hunting and is always developing new methods, new techniques and testing his skills in the field.

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  • Mike Eastman

    Mike Eastman

    Co-host of "Eastmans' Hunting TV" on Outdoor Channel. Mike Eastman is a fifth-generation westerner that grew up in the wilderness of Wyoming.

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  • Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson

    Scrapper & family man Mike Johnson hosts "Bottom Feeders" on Outdoor Channel. Mike is a lifelong river rat. Growing up near Lacrosse Wisconsin, Mike's life has been spent on the river.

    Read More
  • Mike Rogers

    Mike Rogers

    Host and executive producer of Outdoor Channel's hit show "SCI Expedition Safari". Mike Rogers brings to each episode a lifetime of experience across multiple fields of expertise.

    Read More
  • Mike Seeklander

    Mike Seeklander

    Mike Seeklander is the current owner of Shooting-Performance LLC, a full-service training company and the American Warrior Society. Mike is also the co-host of "The Best Defense", one of Outdoor Channel's leading firearm instructional show.

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  • Mike Stroff

    Mike Stroff

    Mike comes from a family that has been in the hunting industry for more than 40 years.

    Read More
  • Missy Robertson

    Missy Robertson

    After marrying Jase at age 19 and raising another generation of Robertsons, Missy learned early on that she would have to step up her game. She was not raised in a large family, but fitting into the Robertson lifestyle became an easy transition, especially with help from Miss Kay.

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  • Nate Hosie

    Nate Hosie

    Nate jumped at the opportunity to be a part of "HeadHunters TV," and is excited to show the viewers that there still are people in this world who appreciate memories made in God's country.

    Read More
  • Neal Hillstrand

    Neal Hillstrand

    Although he's occasionally called the “Night Nazi” by the crew, of all the Hillstrands on the Time Bandit, Neal is by far the quietest.

    Read More
  • Nick Hoffman

    Nick Hoffman

    Nick Hoffman is an award-winning country music artist whose passion for travel and the outdoors takes him to the world's most interesting places.

    Read More
  • Nick Mavar

    Nick Mavar

    Even-tempered Nick helps balance out all the big personalities of the Northwestern, which he's been doing since they were kids.

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  • Nick McGlashan

    Nick McGlashan

    This will be Nick's fifth full season working with Wild Bill, having quickly gained Bill's respect due to his “old-school derby style.”

    Read More
  • Nick Mundt

    Nick Mundt

    Nick is a co-host on one of the Outdoor Channel's highest rated shows, "Michael Waddell's Bone Collector", as well as a co-host for "Realtree Roadtrips". Nick's skills as a hunter and woodsman make him one of the most successful in the business!

    Read More
  • Norman Hansen

    Norman Hansen

    Norman Hansen aka “The Quiet Storm” is a man of mystery.

    Read More
  • Ole Helgevold

    Ole Helgevold

    “If there's a bounty on its shell, I've fished it,” longtime fisherman Ole says. The most veteran of Jake's veteran crew, Ole started crabbing in 1972.

    Read More
  • Ott DeFoe

    Ott DeFoe

    Ott DeFoe is a professional angler on the “Bassmaster Elite Series” and “Major League Fishing”.

    Read More
  • Pat & Nicole Reeve

    See Pat's and Nicole's hunting techniques on display on "Driven with Pat & Nicole." When you talk about someone who has knowledge, skill and has successfully taken over 60 wild whitetails in their career, you most likely will hear the name Pat and Nicole Reeve.

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  • Payton Sumner

    Payton is the kind of teen that makes fathers blow their stack; easygoing Steven often pops a gasket thanks to Payton. On some days, Payton considers hanging with his buddies, and shooting a few rifles to be a busy day.

    Read More
  • Paul Herbert

    Paul Herbert

    “I've been doing this my whole life, since I was a baby,” says Herbert, and he's only half-kidding. “I grew up doing this. My father was a fisherman, and my five brothers do it.

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  • Per Nesselquist

    Per Nesselquist

    Sean's friend since they were 2 years old, Per felt honored and proud to have been Sean's first choice as the greenhorn for the return of the Brenna A to crabbing last year.

    Read More
  • Peter “Ole” Alcumbrac, DVM

    Dr. Ole is the Director of Wildlife Health Services, which specializes in immobilization and capture of native and exotic species.

    Read More
  • Peter Rosendahl

    Peter Rosendahl

    Peter grew up in a family of airline pilots and started flying in high school in Richardson, Texas. He was introduced to bush flying while hunting up in Canada and moved to Kodiak to pursue a career in 2012.

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  • Phil Bourjaily

    Phil Bourjaily

    Co-host and author of "Field & Stream's The Gun Nuts Presented by Smith & Wesson" on Outdoor Channel. Phil Bourjaily sold his first outdoor story—on snipe hunting—to "Field & Stream" in 1985.

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  • Phillip Hillstrand

    Phillip Hillstrand

    With his previous season cut short due to a hand-crushing injury, Phillip returned last year wanting to show everyone that he was just sidelined by an unfortunate circumstance, and he has what it takes to carry on the family legacy.

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  • Philip Schreier

    Philip Schreier

    Philip Schreier is a Senior Curator at the NRA Museum and currently co-hosts "NRA Museum" and "NRA Gun Gurus" which can both be found at

    Read More
  • Phil Robertson

    Phil Robertson

    Born and raised in Vivian, Louisiana, Phil Robertson came from a large family with seven children and little money. Hunting was in his blood from early on.

    Read More
  • Preston Sharp

    Preston Sharp

    Sharp knows that catch and release is an ethic that extends to protecting the waters and has become a river keeper working to protect both waters and the heritage of angling.

    Read More
  • Primos Hunting Team

    Primos Hunting Team

    Will Primos, Brad Farris, Jimmy Primos, Kevin Meacham, Slade Reeves, Keith Burgess, Chris Ashley and Cody Kelley

    Read More
  • Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo

    Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo

    Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo are “America's Favorite Hunting Couple,” appearing on the Outdoor Channel for over eighteen years.

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  • Ralph Wilkins

    Ralph Wilkins

    Back in the early 1990s, when cell phones were expensive novelties, Wilkins plunked down a princely $1,300 for one of those early brick-sized early models and happily ran up $1,000 in monthly charges, just so that he could try to stay in contact with his family while he was out on the water.

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  • Randy Birdsong

    Randy Birdsong

    An avid waterfowl, elk, mule deer and turkey hunter, Randy Birdsong is a young, driven and talented producer and host of various outdoor programs. He currently co-hosts "HeadHunters TV" on Outdoor Channel.

    Read More
  • Randy Howell

    Randy Howell

    Randy Howell is the 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion.

    Read More
  • Randy Lack

    Randy Lack

    Born and raised in New Mexico, co-host and upland specialist Randy Lack has been hunting birds and big game for as long as he can remember.

    Read More
  • Ray Brazier

    Ray Brazier

    Ray Brazier is a veteran tournament angler with twenty plus years' experience.

    Read More
  • Ray Bunney

    Ray Bunney

    Ray has bow hunted four continents and hunted Africa eight times. See Ray on "Choose Your Weapon" on Outdoor Channel.

    Read More
  • Relief Captain Monte "Mouse" Colburn

    Relief Captain Monte "Mouse" Colburn

    Despite their differences, Keith has voiced full trust in Monte's ability, often noting his brother is one of only a handful of guys in the fleet with a Masters 1600-ton captain's license.

    Read More
  • Remi Warren

    Remi Warren

    Remi Warren is an outdoor writer, outfitter, television host and obsessive hunter who averages nearly 300 days a year in the wild.

    Read More
  • Rich Christensen

    Rich Christensen

    Rich is the original Creator, Executive Producer and Host of the PINKS franchise. He is very excited to be a part of bringing this show to Outdoor Channel.

    Read More
  • Rick & Julie Kreuter

    Rick & Julie Kreuter

    Rick was raised in the small town of Sundance, Wyoming, near Devils Tower. Introduced to the outdoors and hunting by his Dad, he's been hooked since the age of 7.

    Read More
  • Rick Clunn

    Rick Clunn

    Before becoming a full time Professional Bass Angler in March of 1976, Rick worked for 10 years in Houston, TX. in the Exxon Oil company's Computing Center. It was the 2nd largest computing center in the world at that time. NASA was the largest.

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  • Rick Johnson

    Rick Johnson

    Part friend, part foe, Rick is Mike's brother, and the two share a love/hate relationship. Rick introduced Mike to commercial fishing.

    Read More
  • R. Lee Ermey

    R. Lee Ermey

    After more than 25 years in the business, R. Lee Ermey was one of the most successful and talented actors in film and television, having starred or appeared in over sixty feature films.

    Read More
  • Rob Dunham

    Rob Dunham

    Rob is a Canadian outfitter with more than 20 years of experience guiding for elk, whitetail deer, bison and black bear. His extensive experience in Africa makes him a tremendous resource for worldwide adventures.

    Read More
  • Rob Fordyce

    Rob Fordyce

    Captain Rob Fordyce, has been a professional guide/TV host/athlete for the last 27 years.

    Read More
  • Robby Schlosstein

    Robby Schlosstein

    Brought on by his brother, Roger, to replace a bum greenhorn, Robby has proved he's from the same reliable stock as his older kin.

    Read More
  • Robin D. Berg

    Robin D. Berg

    Robin Berg began diving at the age of 9 in Southern California, fascinated with the ocean and marine life, he joined the US Navy and served 6 years as a deep sea diver stationed in Guam and Hawaii, where he studied Oceanography at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.

    Read More
  • Roger Raglin

    Roger Raglin

    Host of Roger Raglin Outdoors on Outdoor Channel. Winner of all three 'Golden Moose Fan Favorite Awards' in 2009.

    Read More
  • Roger Schlosstein

    Roger Schlosstein

    Since joining the Wizard four years ago for opies fishing, Roger has proven to be a solid hand.

    Read More
  • Ron Spomer

    Ron Spomer

    Ron Spomer is an avid writer of the outdoors and works as a freelancer doing just that. Published throughout numerous publications, Ron currently acts as a co-host bringing his vast knowledge of nature to "Winchester Rack Masters" via Outdoor Channel.

    Read More
  • Ronnie James

    Ronnie James

    The other half of the “Swedish Twins,” Ronnie previously tendered herring and salmon aboard the F/V Kona Kai.

    Read More
  • Ronnie Philips

    Ronnie Philips

    As 2nd Grader from Marysville, KS, Ronnie was introduced to upland bird and deer hunting by his grandfather, David Curtis Carter.

    Read More
  • Ronnie Strickland

    Ronnie Strickland

    Senior Vice President of Media Services for Mossy Oak, author and wildlife videographer, you can get to know Ronnie Strickland as he hosts "Mossy Oak's Hunting the Country" on Outdoor Channel.

    Read More
  • Deer Expert Russ MacLennan

    Russ MacLennan

    Russ MacLennan was born and raised in Eastern Colorado. He has always been more in tune with the outdoors than the indoors. He has always felt most comfortable in the field.

    Read More
  • Sandro Maniaci

    Sandro Maniaci

    Maniaci grew up in Gloucester and has a father and an uncle in what he calls “the fish business,” so it's not a surprise that he started fishing pretty much as soon as he could walk.

    Read More
  • Scott Ferriero

    Scott Ferriero

    Ferriero, whose father was in the U.S. military, was born in Germany but returned to the family's hometown of Beverly, Massachusetts at age 5.

    Read More
  • Scott Prentiss

    Scott Prentiss

    Like Dave Marciano, Scott Prentiss, who's been fishing for bluefin for 22 years, grew up in nearby Beverly, and like his professional colleague has been fishing since an early age.

    Read More
  • Scott Sciarra

    Scott Sciarra

    Scott Sciarra is a wild game harvester, an expert bow hunter who primarily loves whitetail deer. You can catch him hosting "Primal Instinct" presented by Game Changers and only on Outdoor Channel.

    Read More
  • Sean Dunlop

    Sean Dunlop

    Sean started fishing right out of high school after a friend showed him just how lucrative it could be.

    Read More
  • Shawn Luchtel

    Shawn Luchtel

    Shawn Luchtel is a cinematographer by trade, but he's been hunting since a very young age and shows his passion for hunting through Shawn's show, "Heartland Bowhunter" on Outdoor Channel.

    Read More
  • Shawn Michaels

    Shawn Michaels

    A ten-time winner of Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Match of the Year Award, Michaels has been the WWE World Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, two-time Royal Rumble winner, along with many other noteworthy accolades.

    Read More
  • Sheli Sanders

    Sheli Sanders

    Sheli Sanders brings her expertise as a veteran actor & her childhood love for fishing to "Major League Fishing" via Outdoor Channel. Although Sheli has over 20 years of acting experience, training, coaching, etc., she has never lost touch with her love of the outdoors.

    Read More
  • Shemane Nugent

    Shemane Nugent

    Shemane Nugent tackles everything she does with the drive and energy level of her superstar husband, rock legend Ted Nugent. Shemane is an International Zumba® Fitness Presenter and Instructor.

    Read More
  • Sherri Ewing

    Sherri Ewing is the owner and matriarch of "Alaska's Wild Gourmet" catering business.

    Read More
  • Si Robertson

    Si Robertson

    Si is Phil's brother, best friend, and partner in crime. He has a very specific job in the workshop, and that's fashioning the reeds that are inserted in every patented duck call.

    Read More
  • Stacey King

    Stacey King

    Stacey King is bass enthusiast, award winning pro bass fisherman and co-host of "The Bass Pros".

    Read More
  • Stan Potts

    Stan Potts

    Illinois native Stan Potts has hunted for over 40 years, harvesting numerous whitetail, 4 of which are 200-class bucks.

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  • Stephanie Sumner

    Mature, organized and grounded, Stephanie is a blond country girl who suffers the taunts and teases of her cousin, Chad, the indignities of her dad grilling her boyfriends and she'll loudly tell you that her head hurts from the stupid things spoken by her brother, Payton.

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  • Steve Farris

    Steve Farris

    Steve Farris is co-founder, co-writer and lead guitarist of the multi-platinum rock group Mr. Mister. He has had two #1 singles and one #1 album. Steve has also been nominated for two Grammy's.

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  • Steve Gruber

    Steve Gruber

    Steve Gruber has been a TV and radio professional for more than 25 years. Steve's been a personality on Outdoor Channel since 1994.

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  • Steve LeBlanc

    Steve LeBlanc

    Stephen LeBlanc, avid big game hunter and host of Federal Premium Ammunition's "Deadliest Hunts," is an artist with tremendous vision and force.

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  • Steve Stoltz

    Steve Stoltz

    Steve Stoltz is the leading professional turkey hunter in the U.S., working as a full-time firefighter he is known as "the working man's deer hunter". Besides many of his hunts that can be viewed on Outdoor Channel, he currently co-hosts "Winchester Rack Masters" as well.

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  • Steve West

    Steve West

    Steve West is a professional hunting consultant and adventure hunter who has traveled the world in search of the greatest hunting destinations.

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  • Steven Scott

    Steven Scott

    Steven Scott combines his passion for the outdoors & talent as a host on "Major League Fishing" via Outdoor Channel. Passion for the outdoors has deep roots in Steven's family. He's been exposed to the world of fishing, hunting & camping for about 40 years ...

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  • Steven Sumner

    Steven is the charming and carefree, self-proclaimed oddball of the Sumner family. Sporting his trademark Mohawk, he's a true sight to behold. He's also funny, smart and a complete original: a down-to-earth family man with the free spirit of a child.

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  • Taylor Drury

    Taylor Drury

    After over a decade of success as an archery and gun hunter, Taylor was made a cast member on the television sensation, “Bow Madness”.

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  • Terry Drury

    Terry Drury

    A motivation for ethical hunting and safety, Drury Outdoors creator Terry Drury along with his brother Mark, host various Outdoor Channel shows, including "BioLogic & Drury Outdoors Wildlife Obsession," "Bow Madness," "Dream Season: The Journey," & King Of The Spring."

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  • Terry Schappert

    Terry Schappert

    Veteran of TV and film...and the Special Forces. Terry Schappert is a United States Army National Guard Special Forces master sergeant and martial artist. He left active duty before 9/11, but continues to serve in the Army National Guard.

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  • Theresa Tuminaro

    Theresa Tuminaro

    Theresa Tuminaro is Lou's wife and business manager. A tough buxom beauty who's always dressed to the occasion, Theresa grew up in the Bronx.

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  • Theresa Vail

    Theresa Vail

    Theresa Vail is an avid hunter and marksman, as well as an ambassador for Bass Pro Shops, Franchi Shotguns, and the National Rifle Association.

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  • Thomas Marcisso

    Thomas Marcisso

    A graduate of the Maine Maritime Academy, Thomas comes to the Wizard high on education, but low on fishing experience.

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  • Tim Abell

    Tim Abell

    Tim Abell s a former Army Airborne Ranger and Hollywood actor, Tim's passion is exposing veterans to the American traditions of hunting. You can witness this as he hosts "Grateful Nation" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Tim Adams

    Tim Adams

    Professional commercial fisherman Tim Adams hosts "Bottom Feeders" on Outdoor Channel. A native of Wabasha MN, Tim grew up near the river, and has made commercial fishing for bottom feeders a career.

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  • Tim Anello

    Tim Anello

    Co-Host, vice president, and chief editor of "Inside Outdoors TV," Tim Anello's avid love for the outdoors, with bird hunting his specialty, helps drive him on Outdoor Channel's show.

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  • Tim Boles

    Tim Boles

    Tim worked for a spell on the Saga last year – as a deckhand, not an engineer like he'll be on the Summer Bay – but the drama was a little too much for this old-school fisherman.

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  • Tim Burnett

    Tim Burnett

    From an early age Tim Burnett became an accomplished hunter and outdoor survivalist. Tim has been involved with hunting television for years, mainly as a producer and editor.

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  • Tim Doud

    Tim Doud

    Tim Doud is an award-winning guide and outfitter who has won numerous elk-calling competitions, along with 30 years of trophy elk, bear, sheep and moose guiding, and outfitting experience.

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  • Tim Horton

    Tim Horton

    Pro fisherman Tim Horton is an award winner BASS Angler and co-host of "The Bass Pros".

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  • Tirey Cordrey

    Tirey Cordrey

    Tirey (named after his grandfather) has fished for seven years. Two years ago, while fishing in Bristol Bay, Tirey asked Sean for a job and the rest is history.

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  • Todd Bissenden

    Todd Bissenden

    Todd Bissenden is one of the toughest and most talented cameramen in the outdoor industry and continuously proves himself on "Jim Shockey's The Professionals" only on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Tom Massie

    Tom Massie

    Outdoor Channel founder Tom Massie currently hosts three shows on the network: "Alaskan," "Gold Fever," and "Gold Prospecting," getting his start as a gold prospector, making various clubs and institutions that stand even today in which they develop these trades.

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  • Tom McGuane

    Award-winning author Tom McGuane has penned ten novels as well as works of short fiction and screenplays. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, The National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame, and the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame.

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  • Tom Nelson

    Tom Nelson

    Target and field archer Tom Nelson hosts "Cabela's American Archer" with his 30 years of experience behind him and has bowhunted all over the country and world.

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  • Tommy Sanders

    Tommy Sanders

    Tommy Sanders was inducted into the Arkansas Outdoor Hall of Fame in 2009 and was nominated for a Sports Emmy Award in both '09 and '10 for his coverage of the Bassmaster Classic. He currently hosts three shows on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Tony "Boneyard" Bundy

    Tony "Boneyard" Bundy

    In the absence of an established hierarchy on deck, Tony has taken on the mantle of deck boss of the Brenna A.

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  • Tony Makris

    Tony Makris

    Along with being a lifelong outdoorsman, Tony Makris is a legislative and PR strategist who has played host to sports figures, politicians and celebrities for more than 15 years on hunts and Safaris. Tony currently hosts "Under Wild Skies" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Tony Vandemore

    Tony Vandemore

    Tony Vandemore is co-owner and operator of Habitat Flats, North America's #1 waterfowl lodge operation with locations in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Saskatchewan.

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  • Travis Frank

    Travis Frank

    Travis is the lead producer and co-host of "The Flush" and lead producer of "FOXPRO Furtakers."

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  • Travis "T-Bone" Turner

    Travis "T-Bone" Turner

    Travis "T-Bone" Turner is a passionate archer who has a pension for cars. You can watch T-Bone show off his skills as co-host of Outdoor Channel's "Bone Collector".

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  • Trev Gowdy

    Trev Gowdy

    Signature outdoor television & Emmy award winning producer and fishermen Trev Gowdy, son of the great sportscaster Curt Gowdy, currently hosts "Trev Gowdy's Monster Fish" on Outdoor Channel and is considered "the most complete angler."

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  • Tyler Gateman

    Tyler Gateman

    Tyler joined the Wizard two years ago, and survived a brutal prank where 1,000 pounds of cod got dumped over his head.

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  • Wade Bourne

    Wade Bourne

    Author & Editor-At-Large Wade Bourne hosts "Ducks Unlimited TV" on Outdoor Channel. Wade Bourne's name is one of the most recognized in the outdoors.

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  • Walter Parrott

    Walter Parrott

    Walter Parrott is an all-around hunter with some big game trophies under his belt. But, Walter is considered one of the greatest turkey callers and the only person ever to win every major turkey calling championship in the United States.

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  • Warren Holder

    Warren Holder

    Hunting has always been more than a hobby for Warren Holder. Even before he could walk or talk, his parents had him in the woods with them, instilling that hunting heritage in him.

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  • Will Primos

    Will Primos

    Will Primos is Primos Hunting Calls founder, with a passion for game species hunting that began from an early age. Considered the more accurate & reliable calls on the market.

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  • Wyatt Harshfield

    Wyatt Harshfield

    A late addition to the crew, Wyatt came aboard the Time Bandit during opies season to relieve deckhand Kyle Dyerly, who returned home for his wife's delivery.

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  • Yvon Chouinard

    When he isn't busy chasing his recreational pursuits as a rock climber, surfer, kayaker, falconer, angler, and author, Yvon Chouinard spends his free time running the company he founded - Patagonia.

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  • Zack Larson

    Zack Larson

    As a member of Wild Bill's bloodline, and now the oldest on the crew, expectations for Zack as a fisherman are very high.

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  • Online Originals

  • Andrew C. Krakowski, M.D.

    Andrew C. Krakowski, M.D.

    Andrew C. Krakowski, M.D. ("Dr. K") is a well trained doctor, frequently combining his love of medicine with his passion for the outdoors. Andrew frequently hosts a wilderness medical show on XM/Sirius satellite radio and also "boonDOCS".

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  • Deb Ferns

    Deb Ferns

    Deb Ferns is a motivational speaker, board member of the Women's Outdoor Media Association and co-founder the women's action shooting camp "Babes with Bullets".

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  • DJ Phalen

    DJ Phalen

    DJ Phalen is the chief field operative and medicine instructor for the show "boonDOCS" on Outdoor Channel. DJ is an avid trail-runner, hiker, general outdoor adventurist and a Muay Thai instructor.

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  • Doug Wicklund

    Doug Wicklund

    Doug Wicklund is a Senior Curator at the NRA Museum and currently co-hosts a show of the same namesake, "NRA Museum" which can be found at

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  • Jeff Cramblit

    Jeff Cramblit

    Jeff Cramblit was born and raised in Alabama and began shooting and hunting at a young age. While serving in the U.S. Navy, Jeff was introduced to competition pistol shooting by his martial arts instructor.

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  • Jim


    It never seem to matter where Jim's career took him, he always seemed to be drawn back to the outdoors. His adventures have taken him to fishing Bass tournaments, harvesting 19 of the 29 North American Big Game animals.

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  • Kay Miculek

    Kay Miculek

    The undisputed ruler of "SHOOTOUT LANE" is Jerry's wife, Kay, daughter of legendary competitor, gunsmith and World War II hero Jim Clark Sr. She is the classic Southern Matriarch, steel magnolia to the core.

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  • Lisa Munson

    Lisa Munson

    Lisa Munson is the Senior Instructor of Babes with Bullets and is a multi award-winning shooter of various national and international competitions. She co-hosts "Babes with Bullets" at

    Read More
  • Rick Browne

    Rick Browne

    Rick Browne is a renowned barbecue and grilling expert and author on the subject. Rick is also an experienced photojournalist and holds an honorary Doctor of Barbecue Philosophy, which he puts too great use as host of "Cooking with Rick Browne" on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Tommy LeVasseur

    Tommy LeVasseur

    A pro baseball player, professional guide, hunter and now chef, Tommy LeVasseur currently brings his talents outdoors and in as host of "Camo Gourmet" at

    Read More
  • Trav


    A family man and small town kid, Trav is driven by his love of hunting, fishing and music. Born and raised in a small rural town surround by wildlife, Trav has grown to love the simple things in life.

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