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Norman Hansen

Norman Hansen

NW Engineer/Deckhand – Age 49, Shoreline, WA

Norman Hansen aka “The Quiet Storm” is a man of mystery. He gets his job done the same way every year – with little conflict and even fewer on-camera comments. Norm is as hardworking as he is soft-spoken, the latter being in line with Norwegian fishermen from the Old Country. We learned that Norman has a warrior-like shot with a rifle when he and Edgar competed against each other shooting clays off the rail; Norman has also hunted deer, elk, cougar and bear. The man behind the curtain recently got married, so we know he can say, “I do.” Ask him about cars, car sound systems (he once spent $14,000), fixing cars, or building vodka stills. He and Sig used to drag race back in their fistfight hey day — Sig in his El Camino, and Norman in his Camaro — and they used to listen to Iron Maiden’s 666 album with friends in Norman’s room. See, he’s just a regular guy.

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