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Matt Bradley

Matt Bradley

NW Deckhand – Age 44, Seattle, WA

Matt Bradley always vows never to return to crabbing on the Northwestern, but he usually does – usually to help supplement his e-cig vapor business. While he’s returning for the relatively easy and lucrative kings season, he says he’ll always work if they need help. When Sig gave the boat over to Edgar for bairdi last season, Matt Bradley came back to his home away from home, helping to make up for the absence of Edgar on deck. While Matt is at sea, he still runs his e-cig vapor store with his wife (and sobriety partner), when he can get online. Matt’s goal is to ultimately leave crabbing, which is okay with Sig, who thinks Matt’s life back home affects his work when he’s on the boat. But on the Bering Sea, it never hurts to have a reliable crewmember up your sleeve.

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