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Eddie "Eddie SR." Uwekoolani JR

Eddie "Eddie SR." Uwekoolani JR

TB Deckhand – Age 50, Hawaii

A long-time friend and schoolmate of all the Hillstrands, Eddie has been crabbing for over 20 years. Eddie is divorced with four kids, and his 25-year-old son, Eddie Jr., has fished with him on the Time Bandit sporadically over the last few years. One of the last members of the Time Bandit’s old guard, Eddie’s been eyeing to spend more time off deck. Retirement, however, is an often short-lived venture for most crabbers because the chance to stack some quick cash always calls them back. This season, Eddie provides another stalwart veteran presence on the Time Bandit who can further mold the young deckhands – the next generation of fisherman – to successfully carry on the trade. During this past summer, Eddie Jr. was in an accident and broke multiple bones, so it is uncertain if he will be on deck this season.

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