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Blair Denman

Blair Denman

Deck Hand – The Christina

Denman, who has lived in the Gloucester area since childhood, has been a longtime fisherman. He got his first taste of bluefin fishing when he worked for Bill Monte as a deckhand in the late 1980s. “It’s just totally addictive, an adrenaline rush,” he explains. But rather than become a fulltime fisherman, Denman decided to build a business on land that paid the bills and still enabled him to satisfy his passion for fishing. In 2005, he founded Vision Acoustics, a Danvers, Massachusetts-based supplier and installer of high-end home theater systems and automation technology for “smart” houses. He’s built the company to the point that during the fishing season, his employees can service customers while he gets out on the water. “I make enough money in fishing to justify doing it,” he explains. “But it’s really a labor of love.” He has his own smaller fishing boat, the Twin Lights II, on which he does rod-and-reel fishing for bluefin and bass. He combines that with working as a deckhand on the Christina for his friend , Captain-Owner Kevin Leonowert, an arrangement that he describes as more like a laid-back partnership than a hired-hand situation. “Kevin and I have known each other and fished together for years, and we have a lot of trust,” he says. “He knows that if he’s in the cockpit, I can be out there setting up the lines, and he doesn’t have to watch over me, because I know what I’m doing.” Working for Leonowert also gives Denman the chance to be involved in harpoon fishing, something he can’t do on his own smaller, less mobile craft. Denman loves the feeling of freedom that he gets from his multi-faceted work life, but also relishes the security of having a land gig to fall back upon. “I’d fish fulltime if I could,” he admits. “But I have a family. But this is a pretty good life. I would go crazy if I had to sit in an office and have somebody tell me what to do.”

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