Our 3 dimensional rigs are regularly fly overhead at college and professional football games. This is often called a Multi-V or 3 axis rig. This patent protected rig flies in the vertical (Z), and two horizontal axes (X and Y). It can also be dual-reeved to fly higher and flatter. This system provides the most unique shots that jibs and cranes cannot achieve. The ropes are routed through pulleys to 4 points in the venue that form a rectangular shape. This set up requires three winches, one each for the X, Y, and Z axis. These are located together, taking up a space of roughly 8’x8’. A high line is typically required to be hung by our crew to facilitate the travel of the fiber optic cable attached to the system. We can hang our own HD live action camera heads, or a third party specialty head. The primary transmission path, camera power, and control is via fiber optic cable. If it is impossible to hang a fiber high line, RF link with batteries on the dolly can be achieved. The power requirement for a 3d system is typically 3 phase, 220V, 200A with cam lock connectors. All rigs can be controlled via motion control software for programmed moves, or live action moves. Most rigs utilize lightweight, high strength rope for support cables.

3d Credits: The Longest Yard, the Poseidon Adventure, College and Professional Football, Auto Racing,Rugby, European and Global Soccer, Eurovision (2009), and the World Track and Field Championships (2007).