Our 1 dimensional rigs include horizontal,vertical ascender, and vertical descending options. Other common names for a1d rig are A to B, point to point, and single axis. This is the original application of the Cablecam system, and its versatility has proven itself on ski slopes, baseball fields, bullet/arrow POV shots in movies, and descending rigs off New York skyscrapers for commercials. Simply put, we hang our rope between two points with one winch. This rig can typically achieve the highest speeds. We can hang our own HD live action camera heads, or a third party specialty head. The primary transmission path, camera power, and control is via fiber optic cable. For long distance or higher speed runs and certain film projects, RF link with batteries on the dolly is preferred over fiber. The power requirement for one electronic winch is typically 3 phase, 220V, 100A with cam lock connectors. All rigs can be controlled via motion control software for programmed moves, or live action moves. Most rigs utilize lightweight, high strength rope for support cables.

1d Credits include Wanted, The Ring 2, The Cat in the Hat, Hard Rain, Olympics, MLB, French Open, VISA commercial, and Running of the Bulls.