Is a permanent system right for your venue?

Do you want to save up to 90% of the deployment cost per event?

Then Permanent Installation is the solution to your needs.

PHASE 1: The Venue is determined

Do you have a venue with multiple events per year? Would a permanent system enhance your broadcast coverage and/or enable you to book more events? Cablecam could be the answer for you. When the installation costs are amortized over a multi-year period, the cost per event for a Cablecam system is dramatically reduced. An installation eliminates shipping costs, set up days, strike days, and the expense of distant labor.

PHASE 2: Site Survey

Cablecam will send experienced rigging and electronics technicians to your venue to take detailed measurements. They will create a rigging plot that achieves the camera shot that you desire, whether it is 3-axis, 2-axis or an A-B Shot. Obstacles to rigging such as scoreboards, lighting grids, video screens, and netting are all taken into consideration.

PHASE 3: Final Budget

Based upon your budget needs and the site survey, Cablecam will put together a customized budget for your venue. The goal is to tailor the equipment installed to keep your costs low, while still delivering the “Wow!” shot of the action in your venue.

PHASE 4: Manufacture and Installation

Once a budget is approved and a down payment received, skilled Cablecam technicians will begin to assemble and test your customized system. We assemble the components, and then test the completed system at our facility.Once testing is complete, we ship the system to your location. Our technicians will then begin the installation process, which can take between 2-4 weeks depending on your requirements.

PHASE 5: Training

Cablecam will supply an experienced crew to train your local operators. We will train your house(or local)rigger, camera technician, and platform pilot in the safe and proficient operation of the Cablecam system. The training is customized in length and detail to your specifications.

FINAL PHASE: Operation

Now that your system is installed and your operators are trained, you are ready to fly! Cablecam technicians will usually be on site for your first two events to ensure everything operates smoothly. We also provide ongoing specialized maintenance and technical support.